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    • Cooking

      Our cooking program offers an excellent way to inspire our children to learn about healthy food and have them actually take part in the preparation process. The activities are planned to practice math skills, and teach the children hands-on science concepts, as well as give them space to express their creativity.

    • Soccer

      Our soccer program is designed for children ages three to five year old. Our preschoolers will be engaged in physical fitness while improving social skills such as team work, taking turns.

    • Art

      Our art program provides activities and experiences designed to foster creativity and freedom of expression. Using different techniques and materials in learning projects that promote young children to love and appreciate the art in our world.

    • Technology

      Our technology program is centered in helping the children to understand how to appropriately use technology while also creating an interactive learning environment that helps them explore the world and learn. The technology center provides interactive Media as tools for our children to carry out their play ideas, to stimulate discovery learning, reflection and problem solving.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    It is our goal at Ingenuity Preschool that the children not only acquire knowledge but more importantly a positive attitude about learning. With that objective in mind we have based our didactic efforts on two basic pillars: the promotion of an independent, autonomous, and critical individual while promoting the fundamental values of our society. We envision an integral development of the children from the linguistic, ethical, practical, sensorial, aesthetic, affective, and social perspective.

    We believe in a comprehensive way of education in which imagination, leadership, and learning comes natural through playing.

    Our mission is to promote in the children confidence on their own capacities of thinking, acting, moving, learning, and creating by giving them the opportunity to develop in a safe social and cultural environment. An atmosphere that will stimulate the children to take initiative, explore, discover, and learn themes of their interest in detail by finding their own answers and solutions with the guidance of our dedicated and professional staff. Through diverse experiences with arts, music, technology, physical activities, and languages among others the children will develop their intellectual, social, emotional, and motor skills.

  • Our Classes

    Our preschool program has 7 dedicated classes
  • We provide 7 classes with small groups of children each aged from twelve months to 10 years old.

  • Parents are encouraged to be active in the program and communicate with the teachers on a regular basis. The parents are kept up to date with a daily written report about feeding times/amounts, diaper changes, nap times, and activities that occurred during the day. However, parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit and discuss their child’s progress.


    • Infants
      The program emphasizes individualized learning, planning the activities based on each one's stage, temperament, disposition and needs.
    • Ones
      We designed our curriculum to nurture and guide the children’s hunger for independence and exploration in a safe way, as they begin to imitate and pretend play.
    • Twos
      Our curriculum focuses on fundamental areas in the child’s development, such as: social-emotional, language-cognitive and physical.
    • Pre-K 3
      Our Pre-K3 class revolves around the children learning to help themselves and playing cooperatively with one another, expressing their feelings and solving problems.
    • Pre-K4
      This class emphasizes on helping children continue managing and expressing feelings, improving self-help skills, character development, and learning about responsibility.
    • VPK
      VPK stands for the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program. If you live in Florida, and your child turns four years of age by September 1, your child is eligible to participate in Florida's FREE Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) education program.
    • School Age
      This class is for children ages five to ten year old. During the school year we offer before and after school program that includes transportation to some local schools.
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    • Ingenuity Preschool is a great place for my daughter to start her schooling experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

      Matthew D. Campbell
    • I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old who have been attending for a year now. I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate all of the wonderful staff.

      Kenneth M. Garcia
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